BEATRICE – The Gage County Attorney says horses seized in an investigation of two veterinary clinics last year, will be sold at auction, March 12th…an order signed this week by District Judge Rick Schreiner.  The animals will be sold at the Palmyra Livestock Market in Palmyra, beginning at 3 p.m. on the 12th.

As part of an agreement, a stipulation has been reached that will bar Veterinarian Dr. Jennafer Glaesemann from owning any horses in Gage County for a two-year period.  County Attorney Roger Harris agreed not to pursue criminal charges against Glaesemann, who was initially cited for animal neglect.  Harris said the case was complicated by the presence of parvovirus detected in some of the remaining horses. 

It’s a virus that is occasionally deadly to horses.  Differences among experts in animal husbandry about the diagnosis, Harris said, made it difficult to prove animal abuse had taken place.

Harris said the objective was to protect the malnourished animals that were seized from Beatrice and Pickrell clinics…and find new homes for the them.   Harris said his office’s decisions in the case were based on professional ethics, “not social media or personal agendas”, in his words.

Judge Schreiner approved the order Wednesday, for the horses to be sold at auction.  According to court records, the horses….which had been in the custody and care of the Gage County Sheriff…had generated expenses of $16,782 to the county, as of February 21st.  Part of the sale proceeds will be used to cover expenses incurred.  The animals had been housed at Epona Horse Rescue, near Crete. 

Two of the horses owned by Rocky Mountain Equine, LLC, will be released to that entity.