BEATRICE - Water main work on 4th Street in downtown Beatrice is nearing completion. Crews with Myers Construction have bored in new water main and are completing service connections. The Fourth Street Work should be finished in about two weeks.

"We've hooked into your existing mains from Grant down to Bell. Next week we'll be working on tieing in all of the water services. Next week, we'll have a couple of tie-ins to the Beatrice Middle School and then we'll be patching back in the concrete and the sidewalks," said Myers Crew Chief, Mike Moyer.

The next phase is replacing over 100-year-old cast iron water mains along Court Street….or the east-west Highway 136 through the downtown business district. The company will begin that work at around 14th Street….working west to 4th Street.

The Beatrice Board of Public Works Wednesday recommended approval of a contract payment to the company, for about $300,000.  A payment of over $412,000 is recommended to Judds Brothers Construction for a new water transmission line northwest of Beatrice….which provides a second feed from city wellfields.

Water Superintendent Stave Kelley says that project should be completed in about a month.