BEATRICE – A 21-year-old woman has been ordered to state prison for distributing methamphetamine.  Gage County District Judge Rick Schreiner has given a 4-to-6-year prison term to Realidy Schram, of Beatrice. Her attorney, Gage County Public Defender Lee Timan said his client realized a prison term was coming.

"While she was involved in the distribution of controlled substances, I don't think there was any evidence to show that she was, by any means, the kingpin or the leader of the organization that led to her getting involved in this. I think she was fueling her own addiction by helping others distribute meth...and basically got caught. I think she was using at the time and even in the undercover footage of the C-I....they were talking about how she really needs to get into treatment...and even the C-I's that were doing the purchase from her were, I think feeling some sympathy for her and wanting to get her into treatment, because of how they noticed she looked."

Judge Schreiner said in Schram’s young life, she had already witnessed a murder that had no effect on her.  "You continue to remain involved in the methamphetamine that caused that young man's death. When this case came up, you ran from it for a period of time. As I recall, I let you out to go to treatment, and you left. Throughout this case, what strikes me the most, is just the complete lifeless look you have in your eye. You have a look in your eyes that I've never seen, in somebody your age."

Schram has a pending Lancaster County case to be resolved. She received credit off her Gage County prison sentence for 185 days already spent in jail. She earlier pleaded to a felony count that could have resulted in up to 20 years in prison.

Schram’s arrest was the result of a Beatrice Police prearranged purchase of meth through the use of a confidential informant. Schram was on probation at the time.