GENEVA - City and State officials gathered in Geneva on Monday to celebrate a variety of community development projects that are now underway.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to commemorate the development of 12 housing lots along 19th Street in Geneva, and a groundbreaking was also held for the City's redevelopment of its Main Street corridor. Mayor Eric Kamler spoke at the ceremony about how these sorts of projects are directly in line with what he wanted to accomplish when running for Mayor just under a year ago.

"I ran for Mayor just nine months ago on a promise to not let our town wither into the prairie, and promised to speed up the positive trajectory of our town, and today's ribbon cutting of this new neighborhood is an example of that promise," Kamler said.

Kamler said that the goal of the 19th Street housing project was to create affordable, mid-range priced housing, which Lt. Governor Mike Foley said is necessary in developing the state's workforce. 

"When people find jobs in our smaller communities in particular, the next question is where am I going to live, and that's what this project is all about," Foley said. "Creating those new build-able lot in that middle-income price range where people can come in and have a great future in small town Nebraska."

In regards to the revitalization of Main Street, Kamler said that plans call for the repaving of the two block downtown stretch of road, new historical-style LED lighting, historical brick crosswalks, a brick center line, and a refurbished 1950s Geneva sign. Kamler believes that the improvements will serve as a major step forward for Geneva's growth.

"I will contend that upon completion, Geneva will have one of the most iconic and beautiful entrances to a downtown of any rural town in the state," Kamler said. "This is the biggest thing to happen to our downtown business community in decades, and all point to a revitalized and energized Geneva spirit."

The 19th Street housing project is ongoing, and the Main Street project is set to begin around September 1st. Plans are also in place for the construction of a new Geneva Community Center on 19th Street, which Kamler says will be taking place within the next two years.