BEATRICE – Southeast Community College officials are examining further expansion of competitive athletic offerings at the school…including whether some competitive sports should shift to a new location.

SCC Athletic Director Brett Bright says any change in where competitive sports would be located is on a two-to-three-year schedule, depending on development of facilities and renovation of others.  "We just want to look at the institution as a whole, and not just focus on athletics at one location, so as we look at the next two to three years...we're looking at possible expansion or moving different sports around, if it's feasible for the institution."

Bright, who is Beatrice Campus Director and Vice President of Program Development, says the college is considering decisions about student wellness and athletic facilities in Lincoln as well as renovation of the Truman Center at the Beatrice Campus.

"At the Lincoln Campus, there's renovations at the main campus that are ongoing and they'll continue over the next two to three years. I would like to begin some type of renovation at Truman at some point. Whether we put more money into Truman or build something new....we have plans for a new building for our ag programs and things like that, possibly an indoor rodeo arena. Truman may be a few years down the road, but we're always looking to expand and improve our capabilities on campus."

SCC has been expanding its offerings in athletics as a means of recruiting more students to the college….and among the most recent sports under consideration are college rodeo, women’s golf and wrestling. Bright says the college is also looking at E-sports as a means of attracting enrollment.  "We try to give each student the greatest opportunity for competition, whether that be at one campus or another. We always believe that the better the competition that we provide, the more fans that will turn up, no matter where the sport is. "

Over the winter, two buildings were demolished at the Beatrice Campus…Jackson and Adams Halls. Bright says opening that space provides an opportunity in the community college baseball and softball programs.  "One of our long-range plans is to add the baseball/softball field on the campus in those areas. Everything's tied to funding, these days. If we are able to fund that, of course, we would love to have it here on campus."

SCC currently offers men’s sports in basketball, baseball, cross country, golf and soccer….and women’s sports in basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer and cross country.