FAIRBURY, NEB. - A 1/5 mile dirt track in southeast Nebraska is set to host drivers from around the country.

With the Jefferson County Fair in full effect, Jefferson County Speedway is set to host USAC (United States Auto Club) Midwest Midget Racing, once again.

“It’ll be fairly slick from what I remember in years past,” Driver Jade Avedisian said. “It’s a super fun track, one of my favorites from last year.”

“The tracks always in really great shape, they’ve turned this into more of an event than a race over the last few years,” Driver Jerry Coons said. “This is one that everyone looks forward to coming to.”

17-year-old driver Jade Avedisian is hunting down her fist ever USAC Midget feature win, looking to become the first woman to do so - something that would mean a lot, if it were to happen this weekend or at any point in the near future.

“Hopefully [we can] pull one out this weekend or any point of the season, it would mean a lot,” Avedisian said. “The start of the season hasn’t been great, I got hurt, and the times I’ve been in the midget I feel like we haven’t been as good as we should be, but I know everyone at KKM [Keith Kunz Motorsports] is never going to give up.”

One of the big themes of this weekends action is the heat. Forecasts call for highs in the upper 90’s, which drivers believe could lead to a slick track - a lot to handle during the race, sure, but drivers begin prepping for the heat long before they strap in.

“I just try to eat well during the day and hydrate the best I can,” Avedisian said. “That way the last few laps of the feature,, you still feel 100%.”

Driver Jerry Coons Jr. says he’s seen the popularity and competitiveness in USAC grow. Something that is evident in the events popularity at Jefferson County Speedway.

“It’s been so competitive and just constant action all the time,” Coons Jr. said. “When were started coming here, they got an okay crowd, but over the years they’ve done a good job promoting the event, people come see how exciting it is, they bring a friend… It’s just built up and built up and it’s been really neat to see.”

On track action begins Thursday night with a test and tune session, before racing on Friday and Saturday.