JEFFERSON COUNTY, Neb. -- Much of Nebraska is experiencing the most intense heat wave of the early summer.

The National Weather Service placed some of southeast Nebraska in a heat advisory until Thursday night with the heat index feeling like 102 to 107 degrees.

“The advisory is advising us to stay alert and take care of ourselves,” said John McKee, Jefferson and Saline County Emergency Manager.

McKee recommends people take care of themselves by trying to stay out of the sunlight. But if you’re required to be out in it…

“Wear clothing that is going to help keep you cool. Hats,” said McKee. “Go to the shade every once in a while to cool off."

And drink plenty of water.

McKee even suggests residents to work as a team during the heat and look out for one another.

“Check on your neighbors and make sure they have fans and their air conditioning is working for them,” said McKee.

Even for first responders, with all of the equipment, McKee is prepared to keep them cool in case of an emergency. 

“I have a rehab trailer available for them which has air conditioning units for them,” said McKee. “And we’ve used it at fires and that.”

With the official start of summer about a week away, McKee advises residents to prepare for heat waves in the future as well.

“We know it’s going to get hot a day or two ahead of the heat. If you know you’re going to be outside or you might be affected by it, that’s when you should be drinking more,” said McKee.