MILFORD, Neb. -- Milford’s only grocery store is beginning construction on its new building. 

Main Street Market was taken over by the Bontrager family in 2021 and has now become the only option for groceries in town.

“Having a grocery option is something that we feel is vital to our local community and the options that we can be able to provide and keep people shopping here locally in Milford,” said Patrick Kelley, the Mayor of Milford.

Once the Bontrager’s owned the store for long enough, they found out that they had a problem. 

“It didn't take us terribly long to figure out we were going to run out of room,” said Craig Bontrager, Owner of Main Street Market. “Which is a good problem.”

So they talked with the city, and found a good spot to set up a new, bigger building, near Highway 6 and Second St.

“We’re nervous. We’re anxious,” said Bontrager. “But we’re grateful that so many people have our back.”

And so many people do have the Bontrager’s back, with customers coming from all over the state to shop.

During its groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday, those customers showed up in large numbers.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of everybody,” said Bontrager.

The construction has already begun and they hope to be finished with the new location in October. 

“We are realizing the weight that it carries with it and the responsibility and we don’t want to let people down,” said Bontrager.