WILBER, Neb. -- The Wilber Chamber of Commerce is putting together a Grocery Grab at Food Mesto. 

The chamber sold tickets to members of the community to have a chance to win multiple prizes. 

Four winners would get $25 to spend at any business owned by chamber members. 

The grand prize winner will get to spend five minutes grabbing as much as they can at Food Mesto, which will all be paid for by the Chamber of Commerce.

“So the winner gets a five minute shopping spree, Saturday night, when the store closes at 7 p.m.,” said Jennifer Reedy, President of Wilber Chamber of Commerce. “They will be able to shop for five minutes and put everything they can into their cart. They can’t use the bottom of the cart, no alcohol, no tobacco. We just wanted to try it again this year and more people heard about it. The ticket sales weren’t as good as they have been but it’s just another thing to get people into Wilber to shop at our businesses that are owned by local chamber members.”

The Grocery Grab will take place this Saturday at 7 p.m. after Food Mesto closes in Wilber.