This is animal abuse, and it's NOT okay.  But the visual is amazing . . .

A cop in Moscow recently showed up at an apartment complex after several people called in noise complaints.

Apparently a 59-year-old guy named Gennady Shcherbakov was the one causing the disturbance.

He was sitting at the foot of the stairs inside when police showed up, and refused to cooperate or answer any questions.  It turned out he'd been drinking.

Then out of nowhere, he grabbed a nearby cat . . . shook it for a second to make it angry . . . and threw it at the cop's FACE.  Yes, he WEAPONIZED a cat.

The cat latched on to the officer's face and sunk its claws in.  It's not clear how bad their injuries were, but apparently the cat is okay.

Police arrested the guy for use of violence against a public official.  He's facing up to five years in prison for it.