BEATRICE – A rural Firth woman has filed a petition with the Gage County Clerk’s Office, seeking the recall of County Supervisor Don Schuller, of Wymore.
Lacey Stevens filed the petition, citing that Schuller voted against protecting Second Amendment rights, voted in favor of the so-called 30-by-30 plan, the Kansas-Nebraska Heritage Act and commercial wind turbines.

In her filing, Stevens contends the positions taken were “against the majority of his constituents wishes”. Stevens alleges Schuller has committed a direct violation of his oath of office. Schuller is the only Democrat among the seven members of the county board, and represents District 6, which is generally southeastern Gage County.

"I took an oath to support the constitution, and the constitution gave us a republic. And, how does someone in Firth learn how a majority of voters in southern Gage County wanted me to vote on resolutions they hadn't read? I still don't know, and I live in the district. And, people know how to reach me.", Schuller said.

Schuller said he supports the Second Amendment but felt the county’s involvement on a national issue was not county business. Schuller won election to the District 6 position in the November, 2020 General Election, easily defeating a write-in candidate. Schuller had defeated former Board member John Hill, in the May 2020 Primary Election.

The petition was filed with the county clerk’s office, March 1st. Clerk Dawn Hill says the petition campaign will need 453 valid signatures to trigger a vote of the public. That’s within the Sixth District….representing 35 percent of the total ballots cast in the election. Asked whether he’s confident he’ll remain on the board…Schuller replied.

"Oh, yes. And if I don't, I just go home and enjoy myself."  Schuller is a former Nebraska Legislative candidate, who lost in a competitive race with current State Senator Myron Dorn.

After collection of petition signatures begins, there is a 30-day period to submit signatures to the clerk’s office and then up to 15 days to certify signatures. If enough are certified, the clerk would notify Schuller and the county board…which would have 21 days to order an election be held.