You'd never get sentenced to death for breaking and entering.  But this guy almost gave HIMSELF a death sentence . . .

A man and woman near Boston were caught stealing stuff from someone's house on Saturday afternoon, and packing it all into a U-Haul.  We don't know the woman's name, but the guy is 30-year-old Joseph Kahler.

The owner of the house got home while they were still there, and saw Joseph walking through their yard toward the U-Haul, so they called the cops.

Police tracked them down nearby, and they fled on foot.  They caught the woman, but Joe got away and started running toward a frozen river.

They eventually found him near a bridge.  But he refused to surrender . . . ran out onto the ice . . . and FELL THROUGH.

He happened to be at a spot that wasn't that deep, so he could touch the bottom.  But he couldn't get out, so they had to rescue him.  They threw him a rope, but he wouldn't grab it.  So a cop had to go get him.

It turned out the U-Haul itself was stolen, and he also had drugs on him.  As an added bonus, they released his mugshot . . . and he appears to be YAWNING in it.  (???)  He's facing charges for breaking and entering, drug possession, and resisting arrest.