The police station's phone number isn't a phone dating service.  One, because it's a police station.  And two, because I'm pretty sure phone dating services haven't existed since 1996.

There's a 47-year-old guy named Benjamin Duddles in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  And last week, he called the police's non-emergency line four times in 37 minutes . . . to hit on the dispatchers.

In one of the calls, he told a female dispatcher, quote, "It would be super duper cool if we could spend some quality time together."

On another call, he asked a male dispatcher, quote, "Do you wanna, you know, fool around?"

The cops wound up going to his apartment and they found he was intoxicated and had drug paraphernalia.  So he was arrested on misdemeanor drug charges and for unlawful phone use.

This isn't Benjamin's first time making the rounds as a stupid criminal either.  Back in 2013, he called 911 because he wanted, quote, "a female removed from his bed" for snoring after they had sex.