BEATRICE, NEB. - After weeks of closure, the Beatrice Scooter's has reopened its doors. 

The coffee shop located at Sixth and Industrial Road temporarily closed for remodeling. Owner Katie Noell says they gutted out the barista station and added new stainless steel countertops that we're over eight years old. 

"They were just falling apart after eight years and having served tons and tons of customers," Noell said. "We were holding them up with two by four's so it was just time."

The drive thru reopened on Saturday, with Wednesday being the first day the store allowed customers back inside. 

To celebrate the reopening, Scooter's held a community event that featured a "dunk the principal" toss and a bounce house.

"The community has made this so successful over the last eight years and we just really wanted to give back to it."