JANSEN, Neb. -- It's a common problem that plagues small communities on highways: vehicles speeding through town.

Jansen is a town of just 143 people in southeast Nebraska. It's located on Highway 136 where the speed limit shifts from 65 to 45 miles per hour in just around 10 yards. 

But they have seen…and heard vehicles fly through their town, with no intention to slow down.

“In the middle of the night, and with the trucks flying by, you can hear them and you know they are not breaking their speed whatsoever,” said Kara Pecot, Village Clerk.

The speeding occurs not only on the highway, but on the town roads as well.

Pecot said the high speeds pose a risk to residents, and most importantly, children at play.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to make sure our community stays safe because it’s summertime and kids are playing,” said Pecot.

Pecot says the town has been assisted by state troopers and Jefferson County Deputies to enforce the limit. Roads have been equipped with signs and a speed limit tracker.

She said that's the way to keep drivers under the limit. 

“Just posting an officer,” said Pecot. “All it takes is the presence and people will pay attention to their speed.”

Pecot is grateful for the sheriff’s department’s help with signs, speed trackers and officer presence.

She knows the risk it creates for locals when drivers don’t slow down. 

“All it takes is one car, not paying attention and turning out, and somebody is doing 65 instead of 45, and that’s an accident that does not need to happen,” said Pecot.