BEATRICE, NEB. - A southeast Nebraska city museum and county historical society is looking for a helping hand this summer. 

The Gage County Historical Society and Beatrice City Museum is accepting applications for summer volunteers. One project for the summer is scanning and indexing the museums collection of photographs. 

"We are going through and ID'ing the people and places in those photos," Cassandra Dean, Museum Director, said. "We are also posting on Facebook to find who some of the people are to get a better idea of our photo collection to hopefully share those."

Museum Director Cassandra Dean says the museum currently has over 170,000 objects. Because of this, the museum will also utilize volunteers to digitize museum collections into an online database. 

"All objects in the museum have a location and we're trying to digitize that into an online software program," Dean said. "That way, when these items come up, like a tornado or a flood, we can easily find those items and preserve them."

Dean encourages people to volunteer as it provides an opportunity to learn more about the areas history. Information on how to sign up is available on the museum's website.