BEATRICE, NE. - The distance from Beatrice to Boston measures somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,500 miles and a pastor from the southeast Nebraska town is making the trek to run 26.2 miles.

Pastor Daryn Bahn, of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Beatrice, is set to run the seventh marathon of his career and it happens to be one of the most prestigious in the sport of running.

“Running for me, I never was in track or anything,” Bahn said. “It was something where from high school on I ran recreationally.”

What started as a hobby has turned into a passion, for Bahn. In training for the Boston Marathon, he follows a five week training regiment, registering about 75 miles per week. The Boston Marathon will be his first big city marathon.

Bahn says being a pastor is a time consuming job, but one that allows ample time for training.

“I do work a lot of hours as a pastor, but it’s flexible,” Bahn said. “Today I can re-arrange my schedule for a morning run and it was no problem. That’s one of the benefits that comes along with being a pastor, I guess.”

Bahn says running can be a time for self-reflection.

“For me, it relieves stress, it allows me to unwind…. As a pastor, to have time to prayer, prayer for my congregation members and for God to lead me, it’s perfect,” Bahn said. “I never bring headphones… It’s always just a chance for alone time with God.”

As Bahn gets set for the big run, the congregation and Beatrice communities are going above and beyond to support one of their own.

“The support has been huge,” Bahn said. “They started a collection for my family, for us to go to Boston. They have ben keeping us in prayers, they’re super supportive, and when I run a race they always want to know how I did… They’re always following and want to see how I do in the Boston.”

Bahn and his family plan to leave on Saturday, with the marathon set for Monday.