BEATRICE, NEB - For the first time since 1981 Beatrice has sent a team to Lincoln to show case their skills in Nebraska’s biggest industry.

The Beatrice FFA chapter is back at the state tournament.

“There’s multiple alumni that have come up to me saying how proud they are of there being a chapter,” Colton Husa, Advisor for Beatrice FFA, said. “Some even bring their old jackets from back in the day.”

State FFA runs Wednesday thru Friday with various events at the Sandhills Global Event Center, Pinnacle Bank Arena, and locations across UNL’s campus. Beatrice Chapter President Seth Oltmans discussed the importance of his position and how its helped him in a certain area.

“It’s a leadership position, so I really have to lead by example in competitions, but also in meetings and it’s forced me to get better at public speaking, but I’ve enjoyed learning it and getting better.”

With agriculture being Nebraska’s biggest industry, both Husa and senior Parker Witulski say that’s why FFA is so important.

“I think it provides an outlet for students in leadership,” Witulski said. “You don’t have to be a farmer to be in ag, but you can often relate it to ag.. I also think it’s important for students to know where their food comes from and how they can support that.”

“It’s a career path that even someone who doesn’t have to just be a farmer or a rancher, but you can still tie it into agriculture some how,” Husa said. “It’s our number one export, it’s our number one money maker in Nebraska. I think it’s important for people to know about.”