BEATRICE – The Beatrice Area Solid Waste Agency Board took steps Monday night in preparation for the upcoming construction later this year of a new landfill southwest of the city.  The Board approved the bid of Pavers Inc. for asphalt construction on a portion of Southwest 32nd Road, which will serve as an access to the new facility. The bid totaled $212,786.

The BASWA Board, consisting of city and county elected officials, also approved an engineering agreement with Burns McDonnell for services developing the first phase of the new landfill.  Beatrice City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer says that covers two items.

"In this task order, you see about $435,000 for site entrance and facility design...and so we're looking to design out there how those buildings will sit...where they will be located and how everything flows through the system....and then $300,000 for design of actual S-One...the new cell....and also for a leachate force main."

Leachate, or water collected in refuse, was been stored in a pond at the current landfill, north of the new site. Officials occasionally have to truck that water to the city’s wastewater treatment plant.  "It ends up being a lot of overtime, and so the idea here is we would install a force main that would just be a pipe that would carry it from the landfill back into down, and drop it into our sanitary sewer system....which would take it out to the plant and get treated."

Bids will be taken starting in October, for the first cell of the new landfill. Tempelmeyer says the new facility will include access along the east side where the construction and demolition rubble site is located. It will include inbound and outbound scales with a small scale house….and a building similar to the one at the current landfill….for storage and office space. A smaller building will eventually go up for sheltering equipment.

"The other item we're looking to include out here is a storm shelter. Today, there is no storm shelter so in the event there is severe weather, the only thing they have to get into, is a tin building. We're looking to add a pre-manufactured storm least give a place for staff to get into, in the event something were to come up."

Two bids are planned….one for the earthwork and the other for the buildings. The new landfill will include several cells with the entire facility expected to have a lifespan of about 70 years.