BEATRICE – A company with its stamp on countless development projects in southeast Nebraska celebrated a half-century in operation on Friday.
An open house was held for Caspers Construction at the Vintage Venue, in Beatrice. The company, owned by Gene and Elsie Caspers along with their daughter, Deanne Caspers-Moon…continues building projects across the region.

Gene Caspers, who gets up at 3:30 in the morning to go to work, said he enjoys what he does. "That little dog that's in the pickup has to be fed at 3:30.....I'll never retire.....(Elsie)..."It's probably a good thing he's got something to do because at home....he wouldn't know what to do.."

It hard to estimate the number of projects the 50-year-old firm has been involved in. Gene Caspers says it all got started, in the road work business. "We still do some highway work.....we probably did a hundred or two hundreds of highway work. We started in that, in 1983."

There are some select favorite projects. Caspers says in any project, there’s bumps in the road, but you get over those bumps. The company built the new Beatrice Community Hospital and just completed a second addition to the hospital the past year.

Much has changed over the years. "At first we didn't have much equipment, but we got the job done. A lot of it, I rented at that time...but we steadily bought more equipment. It's been good to us."

The couple gets away now and then to a home in Missouri….but there’s still work to be done…"We have a building here that's 65,000 feet....and we have one in Lincoln we're going to do that's 244,000 square feet. I'm going to do it in conjunction with Sampson."

A partnership between Caspers Construction and Sampson Construction began several years ago, and Caspers says it’s been a good relationship. The first project the companies worked on together was an addition onto the south side of the YMCA, in Beatrice.

Elsie Caspers says the company has a core group of about 15 employees. Gene Caspers says that includes a terrific architect and designer who’s been with the company over the long haul.