FAIRBURY, Neb. -- Construction on the PWF Road has been approved after Jefferson County received funds for the operation. 

The process had began three years ago to fix the Endicott Clay Road, PWF Road and Steele City Road, but has taken some time to finalize deals. 

It was confirmed that Jefferson County would get $8.5 million from federal funds to use, with the additional $4.3 million having to be paid for by the county. 

County Commissioner Mark Schoenrock said the county has been working with Sen. Fischer and Congressman Smith to get a federal appropriation to finish the road. 

Schoenrock said the roads have been bad and hard to travel on for a long time and he is happy to get it finalized. 

“This is a safety issue,” Schoenrock said. “It is a traffic ability issue. To have a new road, it is going to be a huge improvement for all the people who use it. Our farmers that are on there with their tractors. Our ranchers that are hauling cattle on it. Right now, it's in pretty rough shape.”

This is not the only road being constructed on. The county is fixing the Steele City Road, being paid for by TC Energy, and the Endicott Clay Road which is 90% being paid for by grants in the Nebraska Department of Transportation. 

Schoenrock said the county will let the roads go out for bids in 2025 and it will be constructed in 2026.