BEATRICE – Beatrice Mayor Bob Morgan has proclaimed March 21st as World Down Syndrome Day, in Beatrice.

Monte Murkle, of Clatonia has led the effort for the local observance over the past few years. "Around town, you'll see some of these posters. We're not only advocating when we come to a city council meeting or county board meeting...but when you're out and about, if you see a sign, please comment to a manager or store owner, and let them know you're seeing it. There are several that have been handed out here in Beatrice and in Gage County."

Murkle says research into people with Down’s Syndrome could also lead to potential advances in areas such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.
"When you think about it, we may all get affected by stuff that we learn from the people with Down Syndrome. So, there's another plus for the reason we want them in our communities."

Down Syndrome is a condition in which a person has an additional full, or partial chromosome.