FAIRBURY, Neb. -- With winter months behind, tire service is still one of the biggest maintenance to keep in mind, even with the warm weather approaching. 

Potholes are one of the biggest cause of tire issues including steering wheel vibration, flat tires and bent rims. 

Potholes can be found anywhere due to previous winter storms but most notably in cities and towns. 

“If you’re driving around Lincoln, there is a lot of potholes in Lincoln. I mean, if You hit a big pothole and you knock a hole in your tire, we can fix you up that way. You’ll see that,” said Brent Colgrove, Tire Department Manager for the Farmers Coop. “If you got any kind of vibration, after you hit a hole like that, you’ve got something going on. You’ve got a bent wheel or something like that.”

Colgrove said that, more recently, flat tires have been caused due to nails in the road from roofing companies. 

Colgrove said loose items may fall out of trucks or off of roofs and land in the road. he says nails can cause a slow leak which can catch residents by surprise if not checked. 

“Yeah, you know, you got a tire going down and it's a slow leak, you want to get it fixed right away because, as you lose air pressure, that tire is going to fail. That tire is going to heat up while you’re on the highway,” Colgrove said. “It’s not going to hold the weight of the vehicle and the weight of you, of course, and that thing is going to heat up. You can run it flat having low tire pressure so you want to get it fixed right away.”

Another recommendation from Colgrove is to check tires heading into summer. Due to temperature change, tires should be checked and repaired if needed heading into the spring months.

“Get it fixed up in the summer time here because heat is hard on tires as well. You got an old tire or a tire that’s been pretty weather checked because heat will cause that tire to separate. It could separate and cause a failure,” Colgrove said. “So, yeah, it’s a good idea. Before you go on a family trip, or anything like that and you’re going to keep that vehicle, go and get you a set of tires put on.”

Colgrove recommends a self inspection of the tire before taking it to a shop.