BEATRICE, NEB - A group of protestors lined up outside the Gage County Courthouse in opposition of a ruling in the latest saga of the Gage County horse case. 

The 37 horses seized from Gage County will be auctioned off on March 12, and no criminal charges will be brought upon Jennafer Glaesemann. 

Kerri Jones of Wymore says she hopes the horses go to a good home.

"It's just appalling to me to see what she did to the horses," Jones said. "I just want to see those poor horses go to a good home, and for her to never get the chance to get them back, and hopefully convince the state to not renew her license come April."

Others, such as Andy Hassebalch, blame the county for the ruling outcome. 

"At this point, it's all we can do [protest]," Hasselbalch said. "The county has done nothing so maybe some public embarassment will do her well."

The animals will be sold at the Palmyra Livestock Market in Palmyra, beginning at 3 p.m. on the 12th.