FAIRBURY, Neb. -- Tatro Chiropractic in Fairbury donated $3 for every three pointer made by the Jeffs and the Lady Jeffs in the season. 

The total number of three pointers made was 136 on the season, adding up to $408.

Two of the players that were recognized from the teams were sophomore James Martin, who made 20, and junior Izzy Ohlde, who made 22.

The donation goes to support the Fairbury Booster Club.

Tatro Chiropractic has been donating money from three pointers for nearly 20 years and has went to things like the athletic complex, Fairbury youth hoops program, and even funding the Fairbury mascot.

“It’s been a fun way of advertising,” said Thayne Tatro, Chiropractor in Fairbury. “You go out to the restaurant and people will say, ‘Man, that game cost you a lot of money last night’ or ‘Izzy cost you $12’ or whatever it might be. So, it’s been fun to get the advertising. It kind of gets the community involved by hearing the updates and hearing the commercials on the radio.”

The President of the Fairbury Booster Club, Angie Judd, accepted the check from Tatro Chiropractic along with the two players.