BEATRICE – A local service program held a pancake feed Sunday for the agriculture program at Beatrice High School.

The Early Risers Kiwanis Club held the event at the Veterans Club….to help the restart of a National FFA organization chapter at Beatrice High School.
"We give money towards different organizations in Beatrice that help out students...and we decided to sponsor them with a donation to their club....and they volunteer to help come here and help serve as part of our group. They're a wonderful group of students."

Marvin Camacho-Cook is the President of the Early Risers Kiwanis noted the chapter was the first chartered in Nebraska decades ago. This past year, through the efforts of retired Tri-County Public Schools ag instructor Dave Barnard….and now Colton Husa, who is the instructor at BHS…the chapter and program are off and running.

Camacho-Cook says there are a lot of career options in agriculture. "Not just in farming, but wide open all over the country, is my belief. If you want to move to where there's a job and you're good...there's jobs there."

BHS agriculture students were helping with the serving at the Veterans’ Club Sunday.  "It's also good that we have the students help out....because they're a tremendous group of students. They know how to work...are very polite and very good workers."

Early Risers Kiwanis was donating $1,000 from the profits of the event, plus all the tips and donations. The event was 7:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.