BEATRICE, Neb. -- The Beatrice Police Department finished off its “Stuff the Cruiser” event by delivering the toys to the local YMCA. 

The event, in its 8th year, started at Walmart on Thanksgiving weekend where families and residents could donate toys to a police cruiser sitting outside.

The toys were delivered to the YMCA Thursday to be distributed to families in need. 

“So today, we’re having all of the toys that have been donated for ‘Stuff the Cruiser’ come to the YMCA and we have a bunch of service organization representatives here to help carry those toys in and organize those for their families in need that they have identified through those service organizations,” said Rachael Bauman, Director of Health and Wellness at Beatrice YMCA. “Then, they will take those toys with them to give back to those families in need.”

The Police Department and the Legion Riders came in on a convoy to deliver the toys, which filled up an entire room of the YMCA. 

Police Officer Brittney Ruh, who organized the event, said it feels good to see the community donate. 

“It feels good,” Ruh said. “It feels even better because the community really showed up to donate. So, we did a little portion of the work but the community did most of the work by showing up and donating.”

Bauman said that the YMCA loves serving the community. 

“Here at the YMCA, we are all about community and building those relationships,” Bauman said. "So, it’s an opportunity for us to really serve our mission and find out how we can help impact those families in need. It’s also really important for families that have the opportunity to donate, to teach their kids what that means for the community. So, if you have a chance to give back, it is such a gift for your children to learn and that really is one of the most important parts of Christmas, we feel.” 

Ruh said that this is not the only event that the Police Department has put together to support the community. 

“It feels really good, like, I’m always looking for opportunities to do something like this,” said Bauman. "Other people are as well. Like, we have a marketplace thing at the High School, where kids can go in and get food; Officer Lauenstein set that up. So, we do more than just this.”

The toys will be delivered to families in need all around Beatrice by service organization representatives at the YMCA.