FAIRBURY, Neb. -- Fairbury is hosting a Christmas at Crystal Light display the entire month of December. 

Campers can come out and set up lights as well as get involved in the snowman competition. 

The event takes place at Crystal Springs Campground in Jefferson County and is completely free. 

The snowman competition is an easy way for anybody to get involved and just requires participants to build one snowman. 

“We’re getting geared up for our Christmas at Crystal Light display. It runs the entire month of December, from the first to the 31st," said Brian Schmidt, promoter of Christmas at Crystal. "As part of that this year, we are doing a snowman competition which is intended to be an easy way from just about anybody to get involved. Just want to add that there is plenty of room. Invite as many people who would like to be a part of it as possible. Any businesses that want to set up in the area, we would love to have you.”

In order to sign up, can contact Brian Schmidt or anybody on the committee before the start of December.