FAIRBURY, Neb. -- Fairbury Public Schools is hosting "Pink Out" nights during every sporting event this week.

Monday, a girls golf tournament participant wore pink, Tuesday was "Pink Out" night at the volleyball match and Thursday will also feature a "Pink Out" during the softball game. 

The "Pink Out" focuses on breast cancer awareness. Samanatha Starr, a junior at the high school, thinks it is important to learn about breast cancer earlier rather than later.

“I think cancer is a super scary thing," Starr said. "I have had family that has had to deal with it and I can definitely say that when I am older, I want to be aware about my own body. I want to understand it now.”

Fairbury Public Schools sold 340 pink t-shirts and are giving some of the money back to the cause. 

They plan on donating to the local hospital and helping families impacted by breast cancer with gas cards, to support them in the tough time. 

“We also had a matching donation come from one of our local companies in town, Prellwitz Exteriors, and so with that donation and what we made on t-shirts, we were able to donate just over $2,500 back to our local hospital.” said Tammi Mans, business teacher and coach at Fairbury High School.

At the volleyball match, Centennial, the road team, wore pink as well, in a way to support the cause. 

“Our AD contacts the AD at the school that is coming in and we think that maybe he told them that 'hey this is our 'Pink Out' night and so if you guys want to participate, we would love to have you.'” Mans said.

Starr said it is important to talk and learn about breast cancer every month, not just in October. 

“A few of my friends and my mom’s friends have experienced breast cancer and people don’t realize how important it is," said Starr. "I think we should talk about it every month, not just October.”

The school will also host a breast cancer awareness seminar for students in October as a way to teach students about signs and facts related to breast cancer.