BEATRICE, Neb - As congress continues their August recess, politicians make the rounds in their home state, just as Sen. Deb Fischer is doing in Nebraska.

Fischer stopped by the Beatrice office of News Channel Nebraska to discuss broadband, several projects in the works around the state, and the state of the republican party heading into another presidential primary.

“I’m just really excited to be back in the state,” Fischer said. “We’re on August recess. So I’m back traveling the state of Nebraska.”

Fischer spent the first days touring towns in central Nebraska, before making her way back to Lincoln and into Southeast Nebraska. One of the key points for Fischer is work on water projects. For example, the town of Hebron is working to replace their existing well and refurbish the existing water tower. A project Fischer was able to designate funds for.

“You know these smaller communities, it’s difficult to do these big water infrastructure projects,” Fischer said. “To be able to look at a new water tower, to look at filtering sediment out of drinking water, all those are extremely important… I think infrastructure is something government has to be involved in.”

Also in the works are projects in Beatrice and Jefferson County. As part of the Appropriations Act, Fischer was able to work on the construction of a new hangar at the Beatrice Municipal Airport and a 7-mile road rehabilitation project in Jefferson County.

“As a member of the appropriations committee, I really have the ability to put requests in,” Fischer said. “I’m happy to say I’m a member who got most of the requests that I tried to get to help these communities in the state of Nebraska, so I’m happy we’re seeing some work going to happen in Jefferson County and here in Beatrice.”

As society becomes more intwined in technology and connectivity, Fischer emphasizes broadband connectivity for rural America.

“Government has to make investment in infrastructure,” Fischer said. “And that’s not just roads and bridges… It’s also broadband.”

Congress continues to work on the LAST ACRE Act, which would establish the Last Acre Program at USDA to expand high-speed internet access. Fischer says this is important because it keeps farmers connected.

“When you have precision agriculture, all the neat technology out there, to be able to have our Ag producers connect to that, it makes for more profitability.”

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen is in his first year and Fischer discusses working with Pillen, as well as the working relationship amongst the Nebraska Republican Party.

“It’s been good working with Gov. Pillen. He’s a good partner, we have a nice set of communication between ourselves and our chief’s of staff,” Fischer said. “I also think our congressional delegation has a great working relationship. Two senators, three congressman, there’s only five of us, but we’ve known each other a long time, we work together well, and our staffs work together well.”

As the 2024 presidential primary looms ever closer, Fischer talked about the state of the Republican Party going into that election, as well as former President Donals Trump looking to run for President yet again, despite several charges and an indictment in efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

“It’s important to know where our candidates are going to stand,” Fischer said. “In Nebraska, President Trump has tremendous support. Across the state. People believe he’s been treated unfairly… I’m hearing that across the state. We want a justice system that works and we want to make sure politics isn’t involved in it. As we enter this presidential season, we want to ensure that people are treated fairly.”

Fischer says she will continue to tour the state, before heading back to Washington after Labor Day.