BEATRICE – Convictions on drug and explosives violations have a Wymore man now serving a probation term.  63-year-old Roger Powell was sentenced Wednesday to a four-year term of probation, for possession of methamphetamine and attempted unlawful possession of explosives.

"This was a case where there was a search warrant. Mr. Powell was cooperative. This is not a situation about any type of violent crime or property damage to anyone. It was just a search of his home. They were looking for firearms, but they didn't find that. They found other materials they believe were related to homemade fireworks or explosive devices. I don't think we're talking about bombs....we're talking about fireworks", said Gage County Public Defender, Lee Timan.

Gage County District Judge Rick Schreiner said it was not the first time Powell was found to be in possession of explosives, for which he has already spent time in prison and on supervised release.

"In this case, law enforcement located three black homemade explosive devices, approximately one inch in diameter and three inches in length...with capped ends and a wick sticking out of them....also five smaller devices...along with the methamphetamine."

The judge weighed the possibility of prison in the case.  "Mr. Powell, I think had your health been a little better, you'd be going to prison, today. And you need to look me in the eye and understand that. If you mess this probation up, that's where you will go."


In a separate matter Wednesday, the judge delayed sentencing for Shad Lewis on convictions of driving under the influence-2nd offense and driving under revocation, because the judge said Lewis was intoxicated at Wednesday's scheduled hearing.  Lewis’ bond was revoked, he was sent to county jail, and is now scheduled to be sentenced Thursday, at 1:30 p.m.