FIRTH - Investigators have confirmed that concerned parents alerted the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office about a Norris High School teacher's alleged relationship with a male student. 

On Friday, LSO arrested 23-year-old Lillie Bowman on suspicion of sexual abuse by a school employee. LSO Chief Deputy Ben Houchin said Monday that concerned parents, not connected to the victim, reached out to LSO on Wednesday with concerns about Bowman and a 17-year-old boy. 

Houchin said investigators conducted a search warrant of Bowman's apartment where they found "evidence of the crime." During the investigation, LSO said they learned Bowman had developed a relationship in March of 2023 with a Norris student that became sexual.

Houchin said Bowman was called out of class on Friday to speak with investigators before she was arrested. 

According to the school website, Bowman taught 9th and 10th grade english at Norris High School and was involved with the trap team.