BEATRICE – Two defendants in separate cases were sent to prison Thursday, by a Gage County District Judge.  35-year-old Jasmine Higgs, of Beatrice had her probation term revoked on a on a conviction of attempted possession with intent to deliver marijuana… and was sentenced to a three-year prison term, with credit for 62 days spent in custody.

Judge Rick Schreiner said there was no reason to keep Higgs on probation…but he added it doesn’t mean all hope is lost.
"I know a young lady, I think is just about your age. At the age of 19, she was sentenced to prison for possession with intent to deliver. She had a child in prison...went through treatment in out of prison, and was on parole for a short time...went to meetings, worked on her sobriety and continued to do those things. That young lady today, is employed by one of the better drug and alcohol treatment facilities, as a counselor....and she was pardoned by the pardons board in the State of Nebraska. You don't have to live like you're living. There's more available to you than you know. Go in there, don't waste your time. Take all of the classes, all of the stuff they will give you, because you're going to need it. And, then when you come out, you take off running toward success, and don't stop."  Higgs will also have to serve one-year of post-release supervision.

The judge also sentenced 38-year-old Gregory Louis II, of Wymore to a two-year state prison term for possession of methamphetamine. Schreiner cited Louis’ lengthy criminal history in ruling out probation in the case.

"For 23 years, the State of Nebraska has tried to make an impression on Mr. Louis with sentences entered in not only the juvenile case but the adult court and nothing has made an impression on him. Short jail sentences, probation terms...nothing has motivated Mr. Louis to change his behaviors."

Louis II will also serve 12 months of post-release supervision. The defendant’s past record included numerous violations for assault, theft, driving under the influence, driving on suspension, and criminal mischief, among others.  The judge noted Louis also had two pending cases at the county court level.

Also in Gage County District Court sentencing hearings Thursday…

Donna Schwartz was sentenced to a two-year probation term for attempted possession of methamphetamine, attempted possession of Adderall, and driving under the influence.  Adam Rohr was given a 180-day Gage County Jail term, fined $1,000 and issued a 15-year license revocation for third-offense driving under the influence.