LINCOLN, Neb. -- Over the past two days, Nebraska's State Capitol has seen several protests. 

As the Nebraska Legislature discussed LB 574, a bill that focuses on transgender youth under prohibiting gender altering procedures, including surgeries, for anyone under the age of 19.

During the discussion, there were protests by those both for and against the bill. 

Westboro Baptist Church protested for the bill.

There were others protesting against the bill, chanting "Trans rights, save lives" amongst other chants. 

As Nebraska lawmakers debated a proposed six-week abortion ban Wednesday, supporters and opponents gathered outside the capitol to share their thoughts on the bill. 

Supporters of the bill donned red shirts, while opponents wore green.

Many protesters gathered outside the capitol before debate on the bill began, with some remaining at the capitol throughout the process. 

The bill banning abortion after six weeks was voted to move forward on Wednesday. 

Organizers for both sides of the abortion issue say it is likely there will be organized demonstrations when the bill comes up for second-round approval.