BEATRICE – Beatrice Police responding to a woman running in front of, and flagging down vehicles Tuesday, arrested her for disturbing the peace.

Police were sent to the area of 27th and Ella, where a woman was flagging motorists, asking for money, while appearing intoxicated.

Police were later told the woman got into a white-colored S-U-V.  An officer later observed a woman exit the driver’s seat, frantically pointing toward her vehicle.  She said the woman who was a passenger in her vehicle had run in front of her vehicle, forcing her to stop….then began asking for money.  The woman then got into the driver’s vehicle, asking for her to buy her a bottle.

Police said they were aware of two separate incidents the prior day where a female appeared intoxicated, asking for money…trying to buy alcohol at different stores.  She was denied sale because of intoxication and bothering customers.

Beatrice Police identified the woman they arrested, as 42-year-old Alycia Fritzen.