FAIRBURY, NE — Seniors at Fairbury Public Schools and alumni can apply for local scholarships to try to boost their aid to further their education. 

Applications are open for the Banks-Glenn Scholarships. The endowment for Fairbury Public Schools from Joseph L. Banks will award 11 scholarships for this year. 

Five will go toward students graduating in 2023. The other six will be awarded to previous graduates. 

For the Class of 2023, two of the scholarships are 4-year scholarships at $6,500 per year ($26,000 total). Another two are two-year scholarships giving $2,500 per year ($5,000 total). The two year scholarships will have an emphasis on those going to community college or a trade school.

The other award is a $3,580 non-renewable scholarship. 

For Fairbury alumni, the six scholarships available are one-year $5,000 awards to help the winners continue their education. Emphasis for theses scholarships will be given to those pursuing a master's degree, teaching degree, careers in the medical or agriculture fields or attending a trade school. 

The Banks-Glenn Scholarship fund was generated from an endowment of $1.8 million and is managed by the Nebraska Community Foundation. Banks, 1958 graduate of Fairbury High School donated the funds in 2021. 

Applications are due April 1, 2023. 

Students can apply by clicking here.