YORK - A winter storm line is effecting nearly all of Nebraska, but as of late morning Wednesday, York County hasn’t seen the worst of it.

Rain has occurred off and on throughout the morning making travel slightly more difficult than normal, but York County Sheriff Paul Vrbka says thinks could be worse.

“It hasn’t been real bad, knock on wood,” Vrbka said. “We’ve had a few accidents, but no injuries.”

Fog was present on I-80 in the early morning hours, then came the periods of freezing drizzle. Vrbka says, I-80 will remain a focus point for the department throughout the day.

“Our biggest concern is Interstate 80,” Vrbka said. “That’s usually where we have most of our accidents because of volume of traffic and the higher rates of speed…. We’ll just keep monitoring it.”

The winter storm warning remains in effect for York County, and the surrounding areas, until midnight Thursday. Vrbka reminds those who do travel to follow the steps of winter weather preparedness, such as bringing essentials with you in the car, and wearing a seat belt, but he recommends avoiding travel.

“We don’t know for sure what’s going to happen with the weather, we’re dealing with the freezing rain right now, I’m concerned,” Vrbka said. “Slow your speeds down if you do travel, but if you can stay home today,  I’d recommend that.”