FILLMORE AND THAYER COUNTIES — Many made their ways out to the polls Tuesday to cast votes in the midterm elections. Here are local results for Fillmore and Thayer County.

In Fillmore County, Cody Lightwine will take over as Geneva's Mayor. He ran unopposed for the position as current Mayor Eric Kamler won his bid to join the Public Service Commission. 

Of the three city council seats in Geneva up for grabs, only one was contended. Joni Karcher won her Ward 2 bid for reelection in the second ward against Mike Motis. Karcher won the vote 145-130. 

Voters in Geneva also chose to continue to elect their city council by ward rather than at-large where the whole city would vote for each city council seat. That vote was 465-358.

Of the villages in Fillmore County, only Shickley had more candidates running for than spots available on the board. 

In Shickley, Merle Erb and Brock Domeier earned spots on the board of trustees with 102 and 82 votes, respectively. Michael Oswald finished with 58 votes. 

In Thayer County, Jae Fintel beat Ginger Ridolfi narrowly beat out for bid to be a Deshler Councilmember by a vote of 130-124. 

Meanwhile for the Davenport Village Board, Douglas Holtzen, Kate Manes and Justin Trapp were the top three vote getters for the position with 108, 72 and 62 votes, respectively. The other candidates Teddy Crosier and Chance Gerdes fell short of spots on the board. 

In all other Thayer County village boards, all candidates will earn spots on their respective boards due to the number of candidates running being equal to or less than the number of spots available. 

And for the Deshler School Board, voters were tasked with picking three members. 

Ryan Buescher was the top vote-getter with 350 votes. Andrew Schmidt followed Buescher up with 252 votes and Abby Gausman received 250 votes. 

The other candidates for Deshler School Board finished as follows:

Dora Galvan - 226 votes
Brendan Schardt - 225 votes
Sabreana Wit - 198 votes

And for the Thayer Central School Board, here are the results. Just like the Deshler School Board, only the top three vote-getters earned a spot on the board for the next term. 

Tyson Hissong - 846 votes
Nate Casey - 842 votes
Karen Kroll - 750 votes
Alex Hintz - 505 votes