LINCOLN - In a football season with a good bit of oddity, from the changes to the schedule with long periods of away games, it may be easy to think selling Husker gear may slow down, but that isn’t the case.

At Alumni Hall, formerly  Husker Headquarters, in downtown Lincoln, the business is still booming. Store manager Ricardo King says after a  remodeling last spring, shoppers making their way to the store for the fall sports season were greeted by a number of new features, which helped business.

“The fans coming back didn’t know we did this remodel,” King said. “They were coming into a brand new store. Brand new merchandise. So that’s done really well for us.”

During the month of October, Nebraska Football was on the road for two games and had a bye week, meaning this past weekend matchup with Illinois was the only October home game. King noted the store still saw traffic as the Husker Volleyball team is finding success, but for the football side, they were prepared.

“We always experience slower traffic during games that are away… If the team is doing really well, that also gives us a good indication as well,” King said. “However, we still have managed to maintain a good bit of support, but the volume does decrease.”

Just three weeks into the season, Scott Frost was fired as Nebraska’s head coach. Despite some different chatter at check out registers, King says it didn’t change store traffic or shopper habits.

“Fans are fans… No matter what,” King said. “So I don’t think, whatever is going on with the athletic program, I don’t think it changes what they want to do as a shopper.”