LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- A local bakery combined sweet treats with helping those affected by Hurricane Ian in Florida.

Butterfly Bakery donated 10% of their proceeds to the Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Ian in Florida and other parts of the country. Those who visited the bakery Saturday morning enjoyed a sweet treat for a good cause.

“It’s nice that we can help out any way we can,” said Ed Eppends, customer. “It just makes sense.”

“As Nebraskans were familiar with flooding and the damages it causes, let alone a hurricane and so were just trying to do our part to help,” said Zander Rogers, Butterfly Bakery.

For some employees, the effects of the hurricane hit close to home.

“We have a couple employees who are either from Florida or have relatives from Florida so for them it hits home,” Rogers said.

Customers who frequent the bakery said they are glad the store is helping those in need.

“Butterfly Bakery is a great place and we’ve been coming here for a while its a small family run business, and that they’re willing to give part of the proceeds, especially this time where everything is really hard on everybody, it’s nice they’re willing to share what they have,” Rogers said.

They didn’t have a specific number in mind, but they know any number will have an impact.

“It’s been a pretty crazy morning so we’re making good money to send to Florida,” Rogers said.