BEATRICE – The Beatrice Board of Public Works Wednesday voted to advance the new short and long-term street plan to the city council, for consideration.
The first year of the plan includes asphalt paving on 11th Street held over from the past year, along with a concrete reconstruction on a part of South 13th, from Beaver to Oak. City Engineer James Burroughs says officials have found out through core sampling by consultants that deterioration on 13th isn’t being caused by a sewer collapse, as originally thought.

"The road is falling apart, but actually the base material under there is pretty good. They're feeling that the main component to this project falling apart is that they've seen areas that are only four inches thick."

An eight-inch new concrete surface is planned. The 11th Street and South 13th projects are estimated at about $900,000. Burroughs says the sewer line underneath South 13th, may be subject to some repair.  The first year of the new street plan, which carries a total cost of about $990,000 will include armor coat, sealant or asphalt rejuvenation maintenance work. Street Superintendent Jason Moore leans toward favoring the armor coat process.

"Armor coat is the best thing you can do to any road surface because it adds improves traction and stopping. It seals the entire road surface up. No matter what the condition of that roadway is, it seals everything from curb to curb."

The second year of the plan has work listed on Lincoln Street and 33rd Street, which both border the site of the new Beatrice elementary school that will be constructed. Burroughs says the 15-hundred feet of Lincoln and a portion of 33rd Street south to a cemetery entrance will likely cost a total of about $4.4 million.

"Now, the other project I have listed which we had discussions on...was this Lincoln Street from 25th to that location, because you have a curb section that kind of stops at about 25th Street...and then you have this brand new project over here where the school starts. We need to bridge that gap and get that section of road done, so it makes sense and has a curb section and have it all match together. So, we included it in year two as well, to be a part of that project."

The design includes a potential roundabout, at 33rd the Lincoln. The second year of the plan includes a step-up in the number of armor coat projects…just prior to Lincoln Street becoming the focus.  The proposed plan begins to list elements of the Lincoln Corridor Project in years three and four.

"We've talked about Lincoln Street at the, you know we did the Lincoln Street Corridor study. We're hoping that we can take a breath from Lincoln Street for a little bit, about a year here...and start allocating dollars to address the Lincoln Street corridor.....Lincoln Street from Fifth to Eighth Street. We'd be addressing the intersection (6th and Lincoln) and that portion of Lincoln Street", Burroughs said.

Burroughs says the corridor project may have to be tackled in three-block stretches. There’s also a long-term possibility of a surface and curb improvement on Hoyt Street east of 19th.  "The Lincoln Street improvements would be about $1.6 million....Hoyt Street about $2.8 million."

Next up is city council action on the one-and-six-year street plan.