BEATRICE - A victim of a near fatal 2020 distracted driving crash spoke at the 2022 SCC Safety Fair.

Casey Holsing was struck by a 16-year old distracted driver in Beatrice in 2020. At the fair, a day emphasizing being safe on the roads, and spotlighting some of the first responder resources in Beatrice and Gage County, Holsing told attendees her story.

“I feel that it’s important just to let people know about the dangers of distracted driving,” Holsing said. “And how, not only, one second can change your life but also...changes somebody else’s life either temporary or permanently, like in my case.”

Holsing one through numerous periods or rehab and periods in and out of the hospital. She’s undergone 10 different surgeries with an eleventh scheduled this week.

“I shattered my shoulder, my humerus; I broke ribs, bruised my lung. Shattered my hips and pelvis. Shattered my L5, broke my femur, shattered my tib/fib, tore my bowel. So, lots of different injuries,” Holsing said.

Holsing said what she wants people to take away from her presentation, is an important lesson.

“I would say the number one take away is, there’s nothing worth distracting your driving,” Holsing said. “Focus on your road, focus on the driving, and the rest can wait.”

Because of the numerous procedures and processes she’s had to go through, Holsing is in over $4-million of medical debt. She says recovering from what she’s been through isn’t just a simple trip to the doctor.

“Really, I just want people to know it’s not just a trip to the chiropractor or a visit to the ER,” Holsing said. “It’s much more than that.”