FAIRBURY, NE — The downtown square was the place to be Sunday in Fairbury.

Over 160 cars of all ages, shapes and sizes surrounded the Jefferson County Courthouse for the 11th annual Fairbury City Museum Car Show.

The event, Fairbury Museum Car Show Board Member Kirk Weichel says, is to promote the museum that preserves the town’s history.

"So much has been done in the past few years that I've been involved with the car show," Weichel said. "Every time I go into the museum, there's a new display, always something going on. I don't know a lot of people realize the treasure that we have there."

This year, organizers also held a cruise night Saturday, giving car owners a chance to show off their rides in action.

Until three years ago, the show was located in the museum’s parking lot. Since they moved to the downtown square, the event has only grown.

"I've had nothing but compliments on our downtown area," Weichel said. "It's always a lot of fun and nice to see the vehicles."

Consistent with the museum’s goal of preserving history, trophies for award winners at the show were given old, partial-restored, Nebraska license plates from 1937 and 38.

"We're a little bit different on how we do things for this car show, compared to other local shows," Weichel said. "We don't like the cookie-cutter trophies."

"There was a building full of these license plates," he added. "There were three side that they had used [the plates] for siding. Every plate was 33-county, Jefferson County, and were from either 1937 or 1938."

Weichel said they had 100 of the license plate trophies made, complete with plate-toppers.