BEATRICE - Pawnee County Sheriffs’ Officers Saturday responded to an emergency call at Ironhorse Lake in rural Pawnee County…a call originating as a reported double fatality at the entrance of the camping area of the lake.

When deputies arrived, two men were located lying in the middle of the road in front of a wrecked vehicle.

Pawnee Emergency Medical workers transported both men to the hospital for excessive alcohol and drug consumption.   One of the men was identified as Ronald Nalepa, a wanted felon out of the State of Utah. Nalepa had pleaded guilty to a stabbing in Logan, Utah in 2020, as well as multiple other prior stabbings and assaults from Oregon, California, Nevada, and Utah.

Nalepa became combative with EMS and hospital staff during his initial contact with medical personnel and after his initial transport. Once medically cleared, he was transported to Omaha to await extradition to Utah for the original warrant.

Authorities said Nalepa told law officers that he "really likes the Pawnee County area and plans to move here once his prison term is up in Utah". Sheriff’s deputies say he settled in the area staying with friends while hiding from law enforcement.

Authorities did not identify the other man located in the vehicle.