LINCOLN - After Nebraska's 38-17 win over North Dakota on Saturday head coach Scott Frost and the Huskers had time to reflect on the win -- some reflections showing areas of positives, others showing areas needing improvement. 

North Dakota, at times, showed little issue driving the ball down field on the Huskers defense. Some of that success came from issues the Blackshirts ran into with tackling. Frost says tackling is something the Huskers work heavily on in practice, but it's still an area in need of work. 

"We work on tackling all the time," Frost said. "The one thing you can't get is too many live reps in practice. I think we get as many or more than most.... There's a lot of guys that have made a lot of tackles in their career here that i'm less worried about, but there's some newer guys who haven't as many tackles... It's an area we can always improve on."

An area Frost was impressed with, however, was the run game. Nebraska totaled 244 rushing yards, averaging 6.0 yards per carry.

"I thought the vision from the running backs was really good," Frost said. "They found some cracks and hit some seams that not everyone could see. Thought Anthony [Grant]'s patience was really good. We have a lot of guys where if we get the chance to get them on the second level we can make some big plays."

Quarterback Casey Thompson went 14/21 through the air with 193 yards, two touchdown's and an interception. Thompsn echoes that same message about the run game, especially with Anthony Grant -- Grant ran for 189 yards and two touchdown's.

"A.G. is always trying to work, but a lot of times we don't take time to step back and look at the big picture," Thompson said. "He broke the record for a Nebraska running back to have that many rushing yards in the first two games and last year he was at JUCO. There's a lot of players in that locker room, including me, that don't realize how good they can be, because they're not trying to look ahead, you're just trying to focus on the moment, but Anthony Grant is another one of those players for sure."

Nebraska hosts Georgia Southern (1-0) at 6:30 pm Saturday at Memorial Stadium.