BEATRICE – Two motorcycles collided in southern Gage County, causing injuries to both riders.  Gage County Sheriff’s investigators say the accident happened last Friday evening on East Broad Street in Blue Springs.

Authorities say 56-year-old Ronnie Rainey was operating a westbound motorcycle just ahead of a motorcycle operated by 33-year-old William Rainey.  The lead bike rider attempted to stop, and the trailing rider attempted to slow down…when his motorcycle hit a patch of loose gravel, causing him to fall to the left side.  His motorcycle then slid into the front motorcycle, knocking the rider off the bike.

Both Ronnie and William Rainey received on-scene medical attention.  William Rainey was taken to Beatrice Community Hospital, while Ronnie Rainey was taken to Bryan West Health Center in Lincoln by medical helicopter, because of suspected serious neck and back injuries.

The collision happened Friday, at 7:55 p.m.  Rescue personnel from Blue Springs, Wymore and Beatrice responded to the scene, along with the Star Care medical helicopter.