CRETE - As fair season continues throughout the summer in Nebraska, in the southeast region, it’s Saline County’s turn.

The annual event kicks off on Wednesday with 4-H pre-entries and lasts through the weekend. It features rides, games, and fair foods, like most traditional fairs, but also will be heavy on animal and livestock shows. Additionally, the roar of a demolition derby will fill Tuxedo Park on Thursday evening, as well as live music and even a rodeo throughout the weekend.

Fair board president Bryce Horak says a unique rodeo event makes its return this year.

“Mutton’ busting’ is new again this year,” Horak said. “The company we did use retired, so we went out and found a new company now and it’s new again because we haven’t had it for a few years.”

Crete Volunteer Fire will be holding their barbecue again this year. Horak said it was a success a year ago, so the board is bringing to back again this year. Tuxedo Park and the Saline County Fairgrounds bring an old-time fair feel each year. Horak explained why that is.

“The buildings and trees, they provide a lot of shade,” Horak said. “They provide a lot of shade even though it’s going to be hot.”

County fair’s around Nebraska bring communities together from within the county as well as outside - and that’s now different in Saline County. Horak explained what he believes makes the Saline County Fair so special.

“The 4-H and the family atmosphere,” Horak said. “Everybody works on this project, so the family atmosphere.”