BEATRICE – A Beatrice woman who’s been active with politics, community service and serving the home school community says she’s running for mayor because of what she sees as inconsistencies between what citizens want, and what the mayor and council are doing.

Ashley Mason cites a couple of areas.  "Food trucks....the economic development....bringing in businesses, and maintaining the businesses that are currently here. I think the biggest thing is businesses are not coming because of the current reputations of the council and the mayor have with being difficult with regulations."

Mason says there is a great group of people who run or are elected, but she sees a problem with local elected officials not upholding their oath to the constitution.

"I think our constitution lays a beautiful foundation for what our elected civil servants should be doing. Somehow in the work process that seems to get muddled. And, I would like to see more of constitutional-based politics come back in."  Mason said her campaign won’t focus on the faults of any one elected person or group, but on differences she feels she can make in the community.

Mason joins current city council members Bob Morgan and Gary Barnard….and candidate Jake Speakman in the run for the mayor’s position. Two candidates will advance from the May 10th Primary Election to the November General Election.

Two-term Mayor Stan Wirth is not seeking reelection.