It's crazy that this guy was able to get away . . . without someone making a DAD JOKE like, "Is that an electric guitar in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

Police in Toronto are looking for a man who stole an $8,000 guitar from a local music shop on December 20th . . . by stuffing it down his pants, and just walking out.  Seriously.

The guitar was a limited edition one . . . called the Gibson Custom Shop 60th Anniversary ’59 Les Paul Standard electric guitar.  So, not a small guitar.

The guy left, and hopped into a getaway car that was being driven by another suspect.  But it wasn't a dramatic exit . . . the police report wasn't filed until last week, so it apparently took the store a while to discover the theft.

The store does have surveillance footage of the man . . . who was wearing “extremely large, baggy pants” . . . hiding the neck of the guitar down his pants and the body under his sweater.  (You can see the video, here.)