BEATRICE – We’re getting a closer look at the multiple-state storm line that hit the Midwest, last Wednesday. The National Weather Service confirmed 18 times where tornadoes touched down in Nebraska during the rare December Derecho, causing damage.

Some of those touchdowns occurred in the far southeast part of the state, including three near the Pawnee City area. 

Weather officials say a brief EF-1 twister caused outbuilding damage six miles southwest of Pawnee City, with maximum winds estimated at up to 105 miles per hour, traveling nearly a quarter mile.

A second, weaker EF-0 tornado, traveled on the ground for about two miles southwest of DuBois, destroying half of a large outbuilding with winds up to 90-miles-per-hour.

A brief tornado three miles east of Pawnee City was rated an EF-1, on the ground for a little less than a mile with wind speeds up to 110-miles-per-hour.  It destroyed several outbuildings and tore a wrap-around porch from a home.

The National Weather Service says an EF-1 twister with peak wind speeds of 100-miles-per-hour was on the ground for a tenth of mile, four miles south of Union in Otoe County.  It snapped power poles and left visible swirls in corn fields.

One of the longest path tornadoes covered parts of three counties, Saline, Seward and Lancaster.

The National Weather Service says it touched down three miles southeast of Dorchester in Saline County and traveled on the ground for nearly 24 miles before dissipating near Nebraska Highway 34 and Malcolm Road. 

That twister was rated an EF-2, with peak wind speed of 118-miles-per-hour.  The tornado overturned irrigation pivots, damaged trees and outbuildings.  It did its most significant damage in Lancaster County, tearing off the top half of a 100-year-old barn and pulling the structure from its foundation.  Other outbuildings and grain bins were destroyed in that area….and the twister damage power poles near Pawnee Lake.